“Delivered!” Concert Series, actually began in a family cafe in Fayetteville  Georgia,  called Marlam Cafe.

It consisted then of mostly music artists. A diverse mix, I must say. Usually about 4  bands or groups. We would have some spoken

Word poets and always A guest speaker ( usually a Pastor from a local Church) to “Deliver” the Word directly to those in attendance.

Within 2 years  it  evolved into a full  5 hour Christian Music Festival with as many as 10  Christian Bands, Artists, and Groups,

from just as many genres,  Tons, or Non-profit and for profit  Vendors and Radio Sponsorship form the Joy FM


The Music Artists were some of our best Local Christian Bands with a few you may know pretty well. The Music Festival included a Kids sections and

Family fun events as well. This being an outdoor event, we didn’t want to lose the Spoken Word Artists, So it was placed on the heart of Raymonde

Neely, the organizerto organize “Let The Words of My Mouth” I full  Spoken Word and Poetry Concert with a guest musician.  Hosted twice a year

In a nearby local theater/community center owned by Gospel Community Church


The “Delivered!” Music Festival is a Free Not for profit event for the entire community.

The Concert Series are paid admission events with prices low enough to bring the entire family.


I pray you enjoy all of experiences with “Delivered Music Festival and Concert series